The Tribal Protocol:
A New Hope

It's all about ownership

We believe that users — real people — should own and monetize the social networks they belong to and power. There must be a “people focus” on what web3 should be. We are designed for the non-technical, everyday user, and relegating concepts such as crypto and blockchain, to just technical details.

Over the past 5 years there have been dozens of credible attempts at “decentralizing social”, but they have all been found wanting. At Tribal Protocol we are done waiting for someone else to solve this. We’re creating a layer 1 blockchain built for people to “Tribe” online, and we hope you’ll crack open a laptop and join the fun.

What is Tribal Protocol?

As the book Tribal Leadership so eloquently states; “Tribes form so naturally, it’s as though our tribe is part of our genetic code. Tribes helped humans survive the last ice age, build farming communities, and, later, cities. Birds flock, fish school, people ‘tribe’”

We are moving past the age of monolithic social networks, and moving towards many niche social networks where content and users flow freely.
The Tribal Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain designed to help people group together into their own online “tribe”. Our primary mission is to allow anyone to become a co-founder of their own social networks — and in turn, collectively change how people organize and socialize online.
New online communities are constantly being built and the innovations they bring to the social media space are amazing! Feeds, groups, reels, lives, threads, clubhouses, likes, follows, and direct messages are just some of the innovations we now take for granted. But what comes next? We think that all these innovative features will be remixed in a new category of social: niche, co-owned experiences tailored by and for specific communities and purposes.
We believe: When given the opportunity to own these communities, people will organize, manage, and scale their own tribes (”social networks”). This thesis is already proven by the huge market demand for no-code social network products today...

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